Find a Builder

If you would like to join forces with one of the top modular home builders in your area, Cardinal Homes is your company. Modular home construction is not only favorable for the customers but also for the builder.

We are expanding our network of builders and invite you to work with us. Become a crucial part of building high quality, custom designed modular homes and reap the benefits that Cardinal Homes delivers.


  1. Increase Profits- Modular home construction gives you a competitive edge in today’s increasingly difficult construction industry. We save you time and money with our pre-assembled modular process. Cut out much of the headache and streamline your building process by partnering with one of the leading modular home companies today. Modular homes are built faster and cheaper than onsite built homes.

  2. Reduce Weather Delays- Our modules are made in a controlled environment that cuts out the need to build on Mother Nature’s schedule. Our modules are always built on time and without damage from the weather or from vandalism. This means faster turn arounds for you and higher quality of homes for our customers. It’s a win-win.

  3. Fewer Onsite Inspection- Many of the necessary inspections are done in our factory. This results in fewer inspection from your end of the spectrum. Our modules undergo consistent quality control and always meet or exceed building codes.

  4. Consistent Building Quality- Our efficient modular home plans are all built in an assembly line fashion by top quality craftsmen. Because our modules have to survive sometimes long transportation to the project site, our homes are made with stronger materials and a higher level of building standard. This results in consistent building quality for our customers, resulting in a higher satisfaction rate.

  5. Leads Sent Directly to You- Cardinal Homes sales team are doing your leg work for you. We make the sale and bring the lead to you. Your customers have already been wined and dined and you can be assured that we send you a happy, satisfied customer. They have hand-picked every feature on their home from the siding to the light fixtures. This is their baby and all they want is for you to put it together like a jigsaw puzzle.

  6. Less Employment Hassle- By choosing to build modular, you can finish a home with only a handful of your highest quality employees. It can be hard to find good workers and by having 80% of the construction already done, you can hire by quality instead of quantity.