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If you are an experienced professional builder looking to join forces with the top modular home building team, Cardinal Homes® is where you belong. We are always expanding our network of builders and invite you to work with us. Become a crucial part of building high quality, custom designed modular homes and reap the benefits that Cardinal Homes® delivers.

Modular Process

Cardinal Homes®’ pre-assembled modular process eliminates most of the headaches associated with the traditional building process. Our homes are faster to build and, because they are custom-built in a climate-controlled environment, never experience weather delays. They are also protected from weather damage and vandalism – a win for our customers and a win for our builders.

Building Inspections

Most required building inspections are performed at our factory, so there are fewer onsite inspections to impact your scheduling. Our modules undergo nonstop quality control and always meet or exceed local requirements and codes and our materials are always the best and strongest available.

Simplified Process

Cardinal Homes® simplifies everything for its team of Elite Builders. We work directly with customers to select and customize their design, then we build exactly what they want in our factory. Every aspect of their home – from siding to lighting fixtures – has been selected by the customer and is delivered directly to the site by Cardinal Homes®.


Cardinal Homes® finishes 80% of the building process before a module leaves our plant, allowing you to work with a smaller number of higher-quality employees on the job site. Finding good workers can be challenging in today’s world, so Cardinal Homes® removes virtually all that stress from the process for our builder teams.

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